Abs circuit 1

08 maart 2016
Hi everyone, here's my first abs workout! Unfortunately I had to shoot it at the gym. It's still a little too cold and rainy to lay on the ground outside. I can't wait to start shooting outside! Between 8 and 9am the gym is okay, it's almost empty then. You only got a woman next to you, doing her morning stretch. Don't mind her ;)

·  Leg raises 20x
Leg raises are a lower ab exercise. Make sure your lower back and head are on the floor. Move your legs up and down without bending them. Don’t let your feet touch the floor while doing the exercise.

·  Side raises on bench 30x (15x each side)
With side raises you train your obliques. Take a side plank position with your elbow on de ground and your legs on a bench. Slowly lower your hips and push them back up. Keep your body in one line. If this too hard, start with your feet on the ground.

·  Weighted bent leg jackknifes 15x
Start by laying straight on your back, holding a weight (+- 5kg) above your head with both hands. Keeping your feet together, contract your abs and bring your knees towards your chest. At the same time bring the weight towards your knees. Squeeze your abs in tightly. Slowly release the weight and your legs outwards, to the beginning position. Engage your ab muscles the whole time.

·  Elbow to knee 20x (10 each side)
Start again by laying on your back but this time open your legs a little. Do a side crunch and bring at the same time the opposite knee to your elbow. Make sure you do the crunch engaging your abs, don’t pull your head up with your hands.

·  Bent leg jackknife variation 15x
This is the same as the ‘weighted bent leg jackknifes’. Only when you release your legs outwards, open and keep them about 20cm from the floor. Then do a crunch.

·  Russian twists 30x
Russian twists are great for your obliques and core stability. Sit on the floor, lean backwards (so you can feel your ab muscles work), bent your legs and keep your feet just above the ground. Twist from side to side. If you use a weight, don’t let it touch the ground.

·  Crunches 20x
A basic crunch. Don’t come all the way up, your lower back should remain on the floor. Again, don’t pull your head up! Let your shoulders leave the floor for about 10cm. Squeeze your abs in tightly.

·  Bicycle crunches 30x
Press your lower back into the mat and tighten your ab muscles as you lift your head, shoulders and upper back off the floor. At the same time, move your right elbow and left knee towards each other while straightening your right leg. Repeat immediately on the other side. Your legs should be off the floor the whole time. 

Try to do the first set twice, then the last set twice. If your feeling unstoppable, repeat!