Outdoor stairs workout

01 april 2016
Not a big fan of indoor workouts, like me? Thank god the sun's out today! The weather is perfect for a sweat session outside. I love working out using my own bodyweight in combination with stairs, benches etc. Running up stairs has many benefits. Because you lift your body upward with each step, more muscles are engaged than when you're running. You also train your legs and endurance at the same time. Besides that, it can be done on any staircase and it's completely free ;)

Click on the YouTube-button -> bigger screen!

Make sure your body is warmed up before you start by running up and down a couple of times, slowly, so you can get used to the movement.

·         Simply run up and down the stairs, taking one step at a time

·         Run up taking two steps at a time

·         Take the first step first with your left foot, then with your right foot. Do the same for the second step, continue until you’re upstairs. Repeat with your left foot first.
This asks a bit more coordination and it takes a long time until you’re all the way up ;)

·         Jump squat taking two steps at a time. Try to land softly so you don’t injure your knees and take your time to do the squat right: don’t lean forward and keep your heels on the ground. Focus on doing this exercise right, not on racing up the stairs

·         Hop the first two steps with your left foot, the next two steps with your right foot. Continue all the way up. Every time you land, try to stand still and balance for one second.

·         Take two steps at a time by doing a side lunge. Again, take your time to do your lunge right: keep your heels on the ground while lunging.

·         Do a push-up on the stairs (calculate for yourself which step). Then jump two steps at a time. And yes, again, all the way up!

·         Repeat once or twice!

·         Prepare for being sore the next morning