20 mei 2016

New name, new layout! I think I'm ready to take things to a next level. For most students, june is a busy month. Everybody is studying for the exams. For me, june means it's finally time to relax a little. When you're studying Journalism in Antwerp you constantly work on tasks, interviews, projects etc. during the year. Practice is key. So at the end of the semester, you only have to complete a few theoretical exams and you're done. Don't get me wrong, I'll be happy when those few exams are also over.

I'm not only taking my blog to the next level, I've also changed my way of eating and training. I think I got stuck in my daily routine: doing the same exercises, eating the same food, focusing on not eating too much. My body hadn't changed over the last two months and I felt demotivated. So I decided to start eating differently. First of all, I started eating more. I used to leave myself hungry because I was afraid of gaining weight but your body needs fuel if you want to build more muscle. Not eating enough was clearly holding me back.

I'm also eating more protein and carbs. I'm not 'afraid' of carbs anymore like I used to be. I think I'm finally getting over my fear of eating too much. And after two weeks, I can already see the difference. I look fitter, healthier, stronger. More important, I can also feel the difference. I can train harder, lift heavier weights and run faster. My body is finally rewarding me for all my hard work because I'm finally giving my body the fuel it needs.

In conclusion, don't be afraid to change your routine. Try new things, explore. Find out what's best for YOU. Get out of your comfort zone and don't let all your hard work got to waste.