Guilt free french toast

22 mei 2016

Sundays are usually for pancakes but I really felt like french toast this morning sooooo.. french toast it is! When you order french toast in a restaurant it's usually made with white bread, whole milk or cream and fried in loads of butter. And then topped with more butter. Not healthy at all if you ask me. Don't worry, you can also enjoy french toast without feeling bloated and guilty. Replace white bread with spelt or whole wheat bread, whole milk with plantbased milk, butter with coconut oil and use fruit and honey as topping. Tadaaa! Completely guilt free!

INGREDIENTS (1 person)
- 2 slices of spelt or whole wheat bread
- 1 egg
- 50ml plantbased milk (I used almond milk)
- cinnamon
- coconut oil

For topping
- 1 apple
- 20gr almonds
- honey

- Beat the egg together with the milk and some cinnamon until they're well mixed.

- Heat some coconut oil in a pan.

- Let the bread slices soak in the egg-milk mixture for 1 minute. Cook the bread slices in a pan until one side is browned, then flip and cook the other side.

That's basically it, super easy!

If you like warm apples you can bake them as well with some cinnamon. Top your french toast with almonds, baked apple and some honey; Enjoy!