Summer rolls

24 juni 2016

Yeahhhh summer is here! I had never made summer rolls before, I had to try these. They don't look as pretty as I had hoped but they were pretty delicious.

- lettuce
- carrots
- avocado
- mango
- red cabbage
- green onion
- fresh mint
- chicken
- crushed peanuts 
- rice paper

I didn't use quantities because you can put as much as you want of each ingredient in your summer rolls. Skip the chicken if you want a vegetarian version!

- cut the chicken into small pieces, cook and let cool off 

- slice all the ingredients into small strips

- soak one rice paper in a bowl of warm water until it's completely soft

- divide all the ingredients horizontally on the rice paper. I started with the lettuce and green onion, then carrots, mango, avocado and red cabbage. At the end, I added the fresh mint and crushed peanuts.

- I obviously need some practice when it comes to rolling these ;) it was the first time I tried this so please don't judge me. Wrap it like a burrito: fold the left and right side inwards and then roll it up firmly. It's okay if everything falls out, it's still delicious.

I used simple soy sauce as dipping sauce. Next time I'm going to try to make some peanut sauce!