Froyo bites

18 augustus 2016

Last Monday, I made a big breakfast buffet for my family. These froyo bites were meant to be the dessert of the buffet, but you can also eat them as a snack. They are really easy to make and they are refreshing, so perfect for a hot summer day.

INGREDIENTS (6-8 cups)
- 30gr oats
- 15gr coconut blossom sugar
- 20gr melted coconut oil
- 200gr Greek yogurt
- a half pomegranate
- muffin tin and cupcake liners

1. Stir together the oats, coconut blossom sugar and melted coconut oil in a bowl.
2. Put the cupcake liners (I used silicone ones) in the muffin tin.
3. Spoon the mixture into the cupcake liners.
4. Spoon the greek yogurt into the cupcake liners, covering the oat mixture.
5. Top with some pomegranate.
6. Freeze untill firm. This takes a couple of hours. I made them the night before so I left them in the freezer all night. Just take them out +- 20 minutes before you want to eat them to make sure they aren't competely frozen anymore.
7. Take out of the silicone cupcake liners and enjoy!