Salad with fresh berries, avocado and feta

02 augustus 2016

Hello Belgium, what's up with the weather? It has been raining all freakin' day long.. I'd like some sunshine right now please. Because it's a little depressing outside I tried to brighten things up on the inside, with this fresh summer salad. It's so richly fild with ingredients with different flavours and somehow, they go great together. This recipe is inspired by a recipe from Albert Heijn.

- strawberries
- raspberries
- feta
- avocado
- lamb's lettuce
- chickpeas 

I didn't use quantities because you can add as much as you want of each ingredient in your salad.

1. Wash the lamb's lettuce and pat dry.
2. Put the chickpeas in a sieve, rinse and let them drain.
3. Peal the avocado and cut into pieces.
4. Cut the feta into pieces.
5. Combine all the ingredients on a plate, done!